Benefits of Reflexology during Pregnancy and After Birth

Benefits of Reflexology during Pregnancy and After Birth

Pregnancy benefits…

Reflexology taps into the body’s ability to heal itself. It aims to bring about a balance of the nine body systems such that they are synchronized and act in harmony, resulting in a feeling of well being and vitality. Every reflexology treatments is personalized according to the specific symptoms or condition that the patient is presenting with. The tranquil and serene environment also helps the patients to relax which is often the starting point for healing. The goal through reflexology is to help bring about normal body function and promote a feeling of well-being, while encouraging the body to perform at its optimum. (Reflexology is also used as a treatment for infertility) Please contact Devorah Kur 054 3495545 or refer to my website Reflexology during pregnancy helps to relieve:

  • Swollen ankles
  • Sciatica and back pain
  • Breech lying baby
  • Exhaustion
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Natural induction

After birth, Reflexology will help you:

  • Establish breastfeeding
  • Stimulates hormones to return to normal
  • Contract the uterus
  • Eliminate toxins from birth
  • With drainage of swollen ankles
  • Manage fatigue and general exhaustion
  • Boost coping mechanism within


“During my second pregnancy I turned to Devorah because I had suffered so badly in the first pregnancy with swollen feel and lower legs. I had a drastically different pregnancy and I swear by Reflexology”

“I had always dreamed of natural childbirth but when my doctor told me that my baby was breech, I was devastated. Devorah helped not only to turn the baby through Reflexology, but her calm & reassuring manner really supported me” “The day after my son was born my ankles swelled up like tree trunks. I didn’t know how I would walk, never mind fit into shoes! Reflexology saved me, as well as helping my bleeding stop earlier than it had after other pregnancies”

“My doctor had told me to persevere with the breastfeeding but I just didn’t feel like my baby was getting enough. She was always crying. This stressed me out even more and I was so unsure of myself. Reflexology helped return my hormonal levels back to normal as well as assist me in increasing my milk supply.”

“At 41 weeks, my Doctor was talking about inducing me because nothing was happening! Two Reflexology treatments later, I went into labour naturally. Devorah helped calm me down where I was feeling so anxious” “Lack of sleep and feeling overwhelmed was not helping me or my breastfeeding. I had no confidence and felt like I had ruined my life by having this precious baby. Reflexology helped balance my raging hormones and calm me down.”

“Devorah has not only helped me physically, but emotionally too. When I conceived I was scared because of a previous miscarriage. After each treatment, she ensured I left feeling positive, calm and excited. Her positive energy and caring nature is what has made this whole experience worthwhile. Devorah has been an integral part of my life throughout my pregnancy, and a pillar of strength.” Treatments are in Raanana or can be arranged in your home.