How Reflexology helps with migraines and headaches

How Reflexology helps with migraines and headaches

headachesNeed relief from headaches?

Are you tired of feeling like a tight band’s SQUEEZING your head, and walking around with a dull pressure many hours of your day? Or worse! Are you getting another HEADACHE???!!!

Many people suffer terribly with headaches and migraines finding minimal relief from drugs offered to them. Over the years I have seen patients with headaches and migraines being helped through Reflexology, which helps to relieve the tension, pain, nausea, blurred vision and auras that come with them.

Headaches can be found in any place on the head, including face and neck. Whether the pain is caused by blood vessels swelling as in migraines, the tightening or tensing of neck/facial muscles, help and relief can be found. Reflexology worked on the hands, feet and ears have many reflex points available to help the body cope with and disperse the pain that you are suffering with. These include anti-inflammatory and pain reflexes as well as nerve and muscular points.

In a reflexology session, we look at all sorts of aspects that could be contributing to the headache patterns like, stress management, diet, exercise, coffee intake,chocolate/sugar, water intake, depression, anxiety, correct posture, work related postures and jaw clenching.

Testimonial from a migraine sufferer “I am 21 years old and have been suffering from chronic migraines since I was 13 years old. I have been on countless medications and diets. The one thing that has truly helped my migraines – be it the pain, nausea, aura etc… is Reflexology. Within an hour of therapy, I am migraine free!”

CLICK HERE for a research article on REFLEXOLOGY for pain relief. This article was published in THE TELEGRAPH entitled,

“Reflexology ‘as effective as pain killers”

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