How Reflexology helps during pregnancy

How Reflexology helps during pregnancy

Reflexology and pregnancy Reflexology and Pregnancy – the benefits

Did you know that REFLEXOLOGY greatly benefits/improves pregnancy related issues. The thinking behind Reflexology is that it gets that which is working to work at its optimal. I often see women who are struggling with pregnancy side effects and Reflexology helps to ease these issues and improve the pregnancy.

For pregnancy related ailments or conditions it helps to:

  • Restore balance in the body
  • Maximizes blood flow to the uterus
  • Balances out hormonal function
  • Distribute or expel excess water the body may be carrying
  • Lowers nausea
  • Calms the body to enable sleep
  • Control shortness of breath
  • Ease back pain and sciatica
  • Helps with the growth of the baby
  • Assists in turning a breach baby
  • Prepares the body hormonally for childbirth
  • If required, it can help induce labour after week 40

and much more.

Benefits of Reflexology during pregnancy

Patients speak,

I was fortunate to have been referred to Devorah by a friend in the second trimester of my fourth pregnancy. I have a history of low birth weight babies and generally difficult pregnancies which made my pregnancy a high risk case, so I began consulting Devorah for weekly reflexology sessions (and continued to do so until 5 months post birth.) I believe that the reflexology assisted me in giving birth to my first baby over 2,5kg. I also attribute my success with breastfeeding this time round to Devorah’s treatments. Devorah has a gentle, professional manner . Coming from a medical background, I found Devorah to have a large knowledge base and a great understanding of the connection between mind and body. Her holistic approach allows her to be both accurate and intuitive. I can with confidence highly recommend her to assist many more patients in their quest for better health. Dr Mom
In my last pregnancy my feet were like tree trunks, heavy, swollen and thick. I could barely walk. This time around, I wasn’t taking any chances. As soon as my feet started swelling, I started Reflexology and continued weekly. What a difference! Thank you, you saved me! Not only did it help with the swelling, I arrived at my birth feeling calm, healthy and physically prepared. My breastfeeding also was more successful because of the hormonal stimulation from Reflexology

Looking forward to helping you through your pregnancy and your journey to becoming a mom!

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