A lesson in LIFE

A lesson in LIFE

What’s LIFE got in store for me?

This week I had an opportunity to sneak off to the beach alone for a few hours. This time is absolute bliss for me as I reconnect to myself and take in the beautiful sea air. It’s a gift I give to myself where I leave my many roles of mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend behind. It’s a time to replenish and just be ME. The timing was perfect as I had a chance to contemplate the year coming to an end and how my year was ending, what I had achieved and what I hadn’t gotten around to yet.

life waves

After a long walk, I entered the sea for a swim. This is the best prize after a vigorous walk. At first the sea was manageable and I noticed people further in jumping over big waves. I was looking forward to reaching the place where they were so that I too could be carried over the waves. I waded through the sea and had to jump over some very strong waves. Caught off guard at the strength of the waves I was pulled under and found myself struggling to get back on my feet and above the water. I even took a big gulp of water which hasn’t happened for many years. This didn’t stop me and eventually I reached the perfect place where I could just lie back and float over the waves before they crashed behind me.

 “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” Napoleon Hill

While I was floating over the waves it occurred to me that I had just experienced a very profound lesson in life. Sometimes we enter into situations thinking we are prepared and knowing where we are going. Then we get hit by a ‘wave’ which pulls us under and offers us new challenges. Often we struggle to get back on our feet and this may even leave a ‘salty’ taste in our mouths’. The more we persevere and push forward the closer we are at arriving at the place where we originally set our goal at reaching. Once there, we can lie back and enjoy the ride and the blissful feeling of being carried or supported.

Often times the reward at the end is so much greater if we have been through some kind of struggle along the way. Who knew that some time out at the beach could leave such an imprint about life…