Time to REPLENISH – Navigate your way into 2017

Posted by on Jan 9, 2017

Reflecting on the past year and finding time to replenish – 2017 Over this past year I have had the privilege to lecture on various topics related to healing & wellbeing, in Israel and New York, to run my MINDBODY workshop to women throughout Israel and to have one-on-one Reflexology and Logotherapy (meaning -centered counseling) sessions with many different people with a wide range of illnesses and symptoms. I have also pushed myself out of my comfort zone and opened a new clinic once a week in the Kfar Saba Yeroka Mall on the 11th floor with breathtaking views. My goal here is to speak more Hebrew and work more with Hebrew speaking patients.  I’ll be honest, its scary to do something new, but I’m pushing ahead. It is my passion to work with people accompanying them on their journey to...

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REFLEXOLOGY – Every pair of feet tell a story

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015

  What is Reflexology and how can it help? Today many people are turning to Reflexology to assist in their body’s wellbeing. Reflexology is an ancient science that states that all the body structures and organs are mirrored in reflexes in the feet, hands, ears and body. The reflexes are stimulated with the therapist’s thumbs and fingers. This triggers changes or corrects imbalances within the body, releases toxins, cleanses and revitalizes. Everybody has different feet, and every set of feet tell a story of what is going on within the body. A trained Reflexologist will use corns, cracks, callouses, indentations, lines, markings, warts and freckles on the feet to get a deeper understanding of what is going on within the system of the patient. Callouses in a certain area often protect that organ which may be weak. These clues...

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Reflexology helps with Multiple Sclerosis

Posted by on Jun 22, 2014

Are you suffering from/with Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory autoimmune disorder that effects the central nervous system. If you have found your way to this Blog then I am sure you are well aware of your condition. The important part is how you manage with the symptoms and side effects? There are many different side effects that people suffer from. These include physical and emotional effects. Monitoring stress and diet (especially sugar) is essential. Stress and how we deal with stressful situations in our lives can have a negative effect on our immune system which doesn’t help the condition.  Reflexology benefits Multiple Sclerosis and will help you with: Improved speech Decreasing fatigue Managing and lessening pain Reducing tingling sensations Pins and needles Numbness Muscle weakness and/or muscle spasms Difficulty in moving De-stressing Co-ordination and balance After...

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A success story – Reflexology helps CROHNS DISEASE

Posted by on May 22, 2014

Did you know that Reflexology helps Chrohns Disease? Recently I was speaking to a friend  telling her about an incredible result with Reflexology and a patient who was suffering from Crones disease. She exclaimed, “I didn’t know that Reflexology helps Crohns disease or do anything like that!” Here is the testimonial from the patient: “Dear Devorah, I wanted to express my gratitude to you. I suffer from Crohns Disease and was in agonizing pain when I came to you with a blockage in my intestine. I have had these blockages before and was hospitalized. I had an operation a few years ago for a blockage and I have been in hospital a few times for the same reason. You gave me reflexology and after the first session I felt relief. After the second treatment I felt much better and eventually...

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When you are feeling squeezed – Logotherapy?

Posted by on Mar 9, 2014

People always ask me what Logotherapy is… Logotherapy is a positive healing approach which encourages the understanding that every person’s life has purpose, MEANING and direction. Dr. Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) author of Man’s Search for Meaning , a psychiatrist and neurologist who lived in Vienna both before and after WWII was the founder of Logotherapy. Frankl’s work before, and then during the Holocaust as an inmate in the concentration camps was to help people find meaning in their lives, despite circumstances. Frankl quotes Nietzsche who said: “He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW.” Logotherapy can be applied to every decision we make where we want to find meaning. In the Biblical story of Purim Queen Ester is asked to confront the King with her plea to save the Jewish People from the hands...

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Reflexology helps reduce bed-wetting

Posted by on Nov 24, 2013

Are you frustrated with the laundry adding up each day with extra bedding? Does your child have accidents in the night? Do you think that your child is unique with his/her problem? Are you feeling desperate? Do you need help with this? Statistics show that after the age of 5, about 15% of children continue to wet the bed, and by the age of 10, around 95% of children are dry at night.  Wet beds leave bad feelings all around. Frustrated parents sometimes feel that their child is wetting the bed out of laziness. Children also worry that there is something wrong with them, especially when they are labelled ‘baby’ or teased by their siblings. Kids also long to sleep over at a friend, but the awkwardness and stress around this creates anxiety and fear. Reflexology is your answer. It is...

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