Personal Growth Workshops/Classes

 Ongoing classes:

  1. “Life lesson Journey through the Jewish Calendar.” and

  2. “Personal Growth through Parashat Hashavua”

personal growthThis class empowers women through lessons from our Torah to rise up within their daily lives and be exceptional at even the smallest tasks, and achieve ongoing personal growth. (Blurb about the class: Connect to the energy of each of the Jewish months and festivals and learn dynamic life lessons.Find spiritual inspiration that helps you integrate into your life themes like happiness, freedom, wellbeing, forgiveness and growth.We shall include motivational meditations on each theme to enhance your learning.

class testimonial from a student –

“An uplifting class which is food for my soul and mind. It opens me up to new torah perspectives and ideas. The class has Instilled in me and made me aware of the importance of my values as /I aspire to become a better person. An inspiring class and thought provoking on many levels. Devorah is an amazing and thought provoking lecturer.”

  • Chatted to Kathy Kayler on community wellness, healing, and the role of alternative health practices. ‘In your Element’ Radio Talk Show on 101.9 Chai FM.
  • EMUNAH Ladies Learning Centre – Course on Transformation through Healing, where we looked at different ways our bodies communicate to us through symptoms.
  • Various Women’s Monthly Forums.
  • Charity Organisations.
  • DL-Link cancer support group
  • WIZO organisation
  • AACI wellness talk in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
  • EZRA wellness talks
  • Lemonade Fund
  • T.E.A.M motivational talks Rechavia
  • MATAN Women’s learning in Raanana
  • Various Rosh Chodesh motivational groups
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