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What is a healthy work/life?

Do you know how to find the balance in your life? Today we are pulled in so many different directions and find it hard to manage. In this dynamic talk, Devorah shares tools on how to manage the tightrope that many women are living their lives on today. Finding the balance in life can be challenging, especially in our current situation when kids are on ZOOM for schooling, and the parents are working from home! Boundaries of work/home life have been blurred and stress levels are at an all-time high, so we need efficient tools to help ourselves cope in these difficult situations. This talk offers practical advice and helpful tools to put you back in the drivers seat in your life, feeling more in control. Get excited for a  mind-blowing exercise showing how your attitude effects your outcome. Its time to find the balance!

“Devorah’s presentation was informative, inspiring, unique and humorous. It also had a positive effect on ones thinking. The presentation complemented the intent of Women’s day at De Beers, and I would definitely recommend Devorah for your Women’s Day functions or inspirational event” – De Beers Women’s Day

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What is Corporate Wellness?

When people think of wellness, they think of good health, physically or medically. However, wellness encompasses many other aspects of our life as well such as emotional, spiritual, financial, family and workplace wellness. Actually, wellness is an overall state of wellbeing where balance is achieved between the body, mind and spirit. This is a more holistic approach and more healing.

Companies are introducing Wellness talks and workshops for their employees because they realize that they can only be as productive as their employees are. They are trying to empower their employees to help themselves perform at their optimum. My approach is to encourage and show employees how to take responsibility for their own wellbeing by implementing healthy choices and a balanced lifestyle in all areas of their life. The result of this is that when employees arrive for work, fulfilled, and in control of their lives, this has an added benefit for the Employer as well.

  • Workshops and Talks for Wellness Day’s and Women’s Day at groups/departments in the Corporate Arena. It’s all about ATTITUDE and MOTIVATION!

Some Companies that Devorah has presented at are:

  • Alexander Forbes – Risk Services
  • Alexander Forbes – Women’s Forum – 2 years running
  • Citadel
  • PKF
  • Mogale City Muncipality
  • De Beers
  • Volvo

AIM Conference – Action-In-Motherhood – Dealing with Challenges

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