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It all started iIMG_2727n 1996. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer. At the time I was running my own Corporate Interior Design Company and loving the creativity in my life. I became obsessed with the role of the patient on his/her healing journey and a whole new world opened up for me as I began to explore healing. Was it all up to doctors or do we as patients have a role to play? Many wonderful books and teachers came into my life like Dr Bernie Siegel (His book is ‘Love, medicine and miracles’) who explores the role of the patient as an active participant in his own healing. He says, “We are the soil in which the disease roots itself.” Deb Shapiro, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay and many more inspired me as I became more passionate about this work. Carolyn Myss was another teacher who says that illness is not random and each organ has a specific message for us. Migraines are different to the messages of colon and different to breast.
Eventually I could no longer deny my passion to help others explore these possibilities and move forward on their healing journeys. So I changed careers and became a Reflexologist! I loved working with people and learning how our bodies converse far more than just illness to us. There is an intelligence deep within the body that communicates to us (through our symptoms) about our lives. Eventually I went on to study Logotherapy which is the teachings of Dr Victor Frankl (Man’s search for meaning). Logotherapy is all about finding meaning in suffering and challenge. We can’t only treat the body for illness; we have to treat the mind and spirit as well. This is the dynamic relationship called the MIDNBODY. I have also trained as a  Bereavement Counseling which I have studied through NECHAMA.
In 2011 I followed my dream to come and live in Israel with my husband and four daughters, and I am privileged to have been able to start over and help empower people on their life journeys to wellness. This work is not easy. It connects us to our vulnerabilities. It takes courage and a sense of responsibility for what is in your life to get started. Continuing my thirst for tools to empower people on their own healing journeys, I am now offering Mental Imagery sessions which enables healing through imagery. I welcome you on the journey and it will be my privilege to accompany you….

Integrative Wellness clinics currently in Raanana and Jerusalem.

This is a website about HEALING,IMG_2763

and how you can begin to experience and invite healing and wellness attitudes into all areas of your life.

“I call myself a WELLNESS ARCHITECT. (This combines my design background with my healing approach.) My passion is to help build people up in their lives.”

After a session, you will feel more ENERGIZED, MOTIVATED and REVITALIZED with more tools to deal with your symptoms or life challenge. You can choose from Reflexology, Mental Imagery using visualization for healing or Logotherapy Counseling, all personalized to your needs. Bereavement COunseling is also available to help you find a new ‘noramal’ after a loss.

As an International Inspirational Speaker and Practitioner in different areas of alternative health, I’m passionate about the body’s innate ability to heal itself. My goal through Health and Healing Workshops, Inspiring Talks, Logotherapy Counseling, Therapeutic Reflexology,  is to empower YOU to wellness.

At a recent Corporate Women’s Day Event at Alexander Forbes in South Africa, Joanne Strauss (ex-Miss South Africa) who was the MC, said to the crowd after my presentation, “Watch this space ladies, she is the New White Oprah”

My motto is “Nourishment through your SOLE”.

To preview Devorah in action See the Youtube clips below.

2 minute clip -Devorah presenting a motivational clip on being a person with value.

10 minute clip –Devorah presenting a motivational clip on dealing with the struggles in life.



LOGOTHERAPY – Counseling towards finding meaning in life, despite challenges







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‘We can’t always be in control of which way the wind will blow,

But we can be in control of how we steer the boat using that wind!’

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healingDevorah is fascinated by the role that the thoughts we think and our attitudes in life have on our lives and our bodies. Her main emphasis through all the treatments is to promote healing within the patient, encouraging them to take responsibility for their illnesses, symptoms and diseases, and to understand deeper meaning behind them.


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