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These audio downloads and workshops are for you to empower yourself on your journey to finding meaning and wellbeing. Each one offers something unique that will inspire you and open your heart to new ideas. Please scroll down for various options. Let the journey begin…

Here is a list of products. Scroll down for more details:

  1. Logotherapy – 3 secrets to transform your struggles
  2. Forgiveness and healing – Why is it so hard to forgive?
  3. Relaxation and Visualization CD – 3 in 1!
  4. Fertility self-help CD
  5. MINDBODY workshop – Decoding the body’s messages
  6. Prayers and Ordeals – Month of Cheshvan
  7. Finding your COURAGE – Month of Kislev
  8. Realizing your POTENTIAL – Month of Shvat
  9. Actualizing HAPPINESS – Month of Adar
  10. FREEDOM – What’s enslaving you – Month of Nissan

Our latest product is a workshop – “Decoding the Body’s Messages” – see below #5

1 – Logotherapy – 3 secrets to transform your struggles

Every day we have opportunities to find meaning in whatever is going on in our lives despite whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Logotherapy encourages and guides people to find this meaning and to do something to make that potential for meaning real. Logotherapy doesn’t ask “why” things happen, but helps and encourages one to find answers to “what now”. Dr. Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) author of Man’s Search for Meaning , a psychiatrist and neurologist who lived in Vienna both before and after WWII has helped millions of people through his teachings to overcome life difficulties.

You are invited to explore some of his stories and lessons, and become inspired. Learn to start asking “What now?” and become empowered in the midst of your own challenges.

There are two tracks in this lecture totaling 47 minutes. Part two came about by wanting to share even more inspiration. Enjoy!

CD Forgivesness

2 – Forgiveness and healing

Forgiveness is the key to letting go of the past and allowing healing in. Too often we are caught up in resentments that eventually surface in our bodies as symptoms or diseases. Free yourself from this downward spiral of resentment and watch as miracles start to take place in your life. Forgiveness is not about the other person; forgiveness is about you deciding that you will no longer live your life being hurt by the past. It is freeing for you.

Forgiveness allows us to stop suffering. When we forgive we release burdens of anger and resentment that we have been holding inside our bodies and free ourselves to start living in the present.

Lets explore the concept of forgiveness. Firstly, what are the effects on our bodies when we carry resentments around with us on a daily basis? Secondly, what are the benefits of forgiveness and finally how do we go about forgiveness?

This CD also includes a relaxation exercise with forgiveness affirmations to help you release pent up resentments from your body.

  1. Lecture – The power of FORGIVENESS

  2. General body relaxation with forgiveness affirmations

3 - CD Relaxation and visualisation3 – Relaxation and Visualization CD – Looking for more “PEACE and MEANING in your life?” Do you need to relax?

We are so busy with our day-to-day ‘hectic’ lives that we don’t often take time out to recharge ourselves. We wouldn’t drive our cars without fuel, yet we push ourselves to the limits every day. Here is an experience that you can have where you can literally replenish yourself in less than 20 minutes. This will energize and vitalize you to be able to function on a higher energy level. Even you have time for this! You decide each time which track is needed, then sit back, close your eyes and feel the changes starting to happen…

  1. Body relaxation from head-to-toe.

  2. Visualization to Release Stress

  3. Visualization for Forgiveness

  4. Visualization for Achieving Goals

4 – FERTILITY self-help CDfertility cover

New self-help trends in Infertility – Visualisation & Affirmations can affect fertility

Ways to start feeling empowered: Over the years Devorah Kur (Reflexologist, Logotherapist & Advanced Reiki Practitioner) has treated many infertility patients (those naturally TTC and those at specialist) with a high percentage of pregnancy success. “It is important to empower the patient who discover that when they actively get involved, they notice shifts physiological and emotionally.

The fertility journey can be emotionally draining and frustrating, and patients report feeling powerless during waiting phases, desperate, depressed and helpless.

  • Are you looking for ways to relax/de-stress about your infertility, but don’t know how?
  • Are you serious about changing your negative mindset?
  • Are you ready to release any mental blocks you may have about fertility?
  • Have you been battling with lifestyle changes and need encouragement?

If you answered yes to any or ALL of these questions then this Fertility Self-help CD is for you. This CD will help shift you into a space where you will feel more in control, positive and hopeful.

       How do you do this? Devorah’s Relaxation and Affirmations with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Visualisation techniques have helped numerous patients feel in control of their bodies, and their fertility journey. It helps them to relax, destress and focus on what they want to experience in their lives, not on the fears of what they have experienced. The effects of this kind of positivity on the brain have huge chemical and hormonal benefits to the body.

How do you respond when you’re told, “Just relax” or “Don’t be so stressed”  You have tried relaxing and not stressing, but it’s with you all the time, consuming you! The Fertility Self-help CD will take you to a space of stress-free body relaxation. It will help switch off the doubtful and negative chatter. Once in this space, your mind is relaxed and open to suggestion. Next Devorah introduces powerful, healing positive affirmations concerning fertility. The benefit shift past thinking and creates new possibilities for the patient.

5 – MINDBODY Workshop download-

3x workshop covers
Empower yourself to understand your body as a powerful healing tool and communicator. Tap into your body’s ability to heal itself.

Do you experience headaches, neck or back pain, insomnia, stress, skin problems, panic attacks, fatigue, general pain, digestive issues, sinus problems….and more?
Are you ready to understand the messages your body is communicating to you?

Then this “MINDBODY” workshop is what you’ve been looking for!

Through 3 sessions you will identify and understand the messages that your symptoms are communicating to you through your body. Learn how to transform these messages (symptoms) into real solutions for a healthier and
enhanced life. I’m inviting you to join me and understand the “MINDBODY” connection and your role in your health and healing.

Gain insights into your body and healing potential from case studies taken from my experience with patients through my Reflexology and Logotherapy practice. You will have “Ah-Ha” moments as you discover deeper meanings behind your headaches, connect to your backache or finally understand your eczema or constipation as a way your body communicates to you! You will learn:

  1. DISC 1
    • A deeper understanding about the dynamic MINDBODY relationship
    • About the body’s healing and specific symptoms
  2. DISC 2
    • How your body communicates with you
    • How to delve deep into your body with powerful questions
  3. DISC 3
    • To take these ideas and questions even deeper…
    • How to take the next steps to see benefits in your life.
    • How to make positive changes – attitude and gratitude
  4. TRACK 4 is a PDF download worksheet

Are you ready to transform your health, your attitudes, your life?

DOWNLOAD NOW to get started on your healing journey!

Anonymous quote,

“We can’t always be in control of which way the wind will blow, But we can be in control of how we steer the boat using the wind!”

Read what others have said about the workshop!
Testimonials from Workshops

  • Devorah, firstly thank you for being so lovely, your energy is awesome and feels good to be around you! What I take from this workshop – is to leave the resentment in the past because all it is is harmful and can only manifest as low energy vibrations which can lower my bodies defenses. I will move forward and change my negative self-talk, and by doing so changing the future (my future) – Candice
  • I found this workshop really empowering and life-changing. I will definitely apply what I have learnt in my life and my relationships with people around me. I have already experienced positive results on my health and mental well-being. I am a happier and contented person now! – Michelle from South Africa
  • I benefitted from the workshop by starting to think about useful concepts to deal with feelings and emotions I have that were unexpressed for many years. I benefitted from the learning and dialogues. – TS
  • My overall being was positively changed. I have an improved outlook. I feel life is more manageable and situations less stressful. – MF
  • I benefitted by being able to go deeper into myself and see who I am, to change my ways, actions and thoughts and to be able to forgive and forget. I feel it helped me and I’m sad that it’s over. – CT
  • I have moved to a feeling of upliftment and will try to move forward with high energy levels and will leave the past behind. I want to verbalise my feelings in a positive manner, to create feelings of happiness, joy and gratitude. At this point I feel I have achieved optimum results and look at things/life in a more positive perspective. I really loved the course! – AE
  • The workshop taught me to be more positive, to think before I bad mouth people and to function from high energy levels. I enjoyed the meditations and to let myself go to another place. This workshop was very inspiring and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I go out more than I could have without doing this workshop. Thanks! – RN

6 – Prayer and Ordeals –  (Month of Cheshvan)Prayer, Ordeals and perspective - Cheshvan

7 – Finding your Courage –  (Month of Kislev)courage

8 – Realizing your POTENTIAL  (Month of Shvat)
Realising Our Potential CD Cliche

9 – Actualizing HAPPINESS (Month of Adar)

10 – FREEDOM – What’s enslaving YOU? (Month of Nissan)freedom - Pesach