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From TH: (panic attacks and trauma post unexpected surgery), “My experience with MENTAL IMAGERY started at a time where I was in a dark place and could not manage on my own. Internally, I was injured mentally, not physically. The exercises helped to clean me from within. I could really imagine myself going inside my body, healing myself from within, which no medication could get me to do. It taught me a lot about myself and how strong I am. Its an amazing tool to feel that I am cleansing myself from within without help from anything outside other than my imagination. And help from you! I got through what I was going through thanks to mental imagery and this tool you have given me.”

From Kyra Jacobs – Raananna “Devorah is a master at listening to your story and pinpointing exactly which emotion or belief is at the root of your experience. I came to Devorah for help with long-held  anger and pain towards someone which no longer served me which had slowly taken over my life. Devorah quickly figured out where the anger was coming from and helped me release it by expertly guiding me through a mental imagery process. After my session with Devorah I feel the anger has changed to sympathy and love. Now I can continue with my life without this chip on my shoulder. I feel like a new person! Thank you Devorah!”

דבורה קור – תותחית על!!!
יום רביעי בלילה, כאבי גב נוראיים, פשוט לא יכולתי לזוז. מה עושים? מחר טיול ג’יפים לגולן. הילדים יתאכזבו מאוד. ואז לאישתי האהובה יש רעיון אדיר. למרות שהשעה מאוחרת, דבורה תעזור. והיא עזרה. טיפול מדהים ומסור, מקצועני ועם המון רגש. לא האמנתי שאחרי טיפול רפלוקסולגיה אני אחזור לעמוד על הרגלים.
ולא רק לעמוד! טיול ג’יפים של יומיים בגולן.
אז באמת- תדעו שאם כואב לכם, דברו עם דבורה.
ודבורה- את מקסימה ומטפלת נהדרת. תודה רבה!!!

Devorah came into my life when I was feeling tired physically and mentally. Using reflexology and gentle discussions we have, together, enabled me to grow and become aware of where and when to use my energy for positive things. Devorah gives me the feeling that I am being supported even when I’m not having a treatment. She gently encourages openness without intruding. She is warm and the environment that she provides during treatments is safe and comforting.I leave her always feeling as though I have learnt something new about myself or the world around me.I am so grateful that I have had the privilege to learn from her and to be comforted by her.- Depleted patient

“I just want to tell you what helped me from the time of my mastectomy surgery and chemotherapy. For the past 8 months I have been having REFLEXOLOGY with Devorah Kur once a week. I know that’s what strengthened me. Not even one nail fell off while I was having Taxol. I have an appetite during treatment (well this is not always the best. Now I have 10 pounds to lose.) I did not get sores in the mouth and the tingling in my hands and feet were very mild. And during AC nausea was reduced after each session. And my blood counts were always normal. Devorah also taught me a lot about the right approach to my illness and how to think and be empowered in my illness, and to send messages to my body to overcome and strengthen the immune system.” Breast cancer patient Racheli from Jerusalem

אני רק רוצה להגיד לכם מה עזר לי כלכך בזמן הניתוח והכימותרפיה. אני כבר 8 חודשים עושה רפלקסולגיה עם דבורה קור פעם בשבוע. אני יודעת שזה מה שחיזק  אותי. אפילו ציפורן אחת לא נפלה לי בזמן הטקסול. יש לי תאבון(טוב זה לא תמיד הכי טוב. עכשיו יש לי 10 קילו לרדת) לא קיבלתי פצעים בפה. והנימול בידיים והרגליים היו סבירים מאוד. ובזמן AC הקטין לי את הבחילות. והספירות דם שלי תמיד היו תקינות. דבורה גם לימדה אותי הרבה על הגישה הנכונה. ואיך שהרבה זה במחשבה. וצריך לשלוח מסרים לגוף להתגבר ולחזק את המערכת החיסונית. 

I had been suffering with vertigo and was at my wits end when someone suggested reflexology. I had tried physiotherapy which was helping,  but it is a very aggressive and unpleasant treatment.  My surroundings were constantly spinning and the slightest turn of my head made me feel unstable.  I contacted Devorah Kur and after just one Reflexology treatment, I already felt like I could cope with life again. She treated me a few more times until I was symptom-free. I highly recommend Devorah and reflexology for anyone suffering from vertigo.

I discovered Devorah and Reflexology on my journey to become pregnant. Over the months that she treated me, my body was restored to a natural balance and my general health improved. But more than that, Devorah’s holistic approach ensured that I built up the mental and spiritual strength to enjoy the experience and keep trying. It is evident that Devorah has a gift for healing people – both physically and emotionally – and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be treated by her.secondary infertility patient

Being someone who often warned her children to “watch out for the Mummy Monster” every month, I was desperate to find any solution to my PMS and its ever changing monthly symptoms of moods, headaches and dream crazed nights.
Going to Devorah has changed “that time of the month” as no longer being a danger zone for me, my kids and all those who came in contact with me. Gone are the times that I lock myself away at home for fear of a bad day.
Having tried most things from plain old painkillers to acupuncture to Chinese medicine, I can honestly say that my sessions with Devorah and her magic Reflexology have made a big difference for me.
Thank you Devorah for being my salvation every month! – PMS patient

I am 39 years old and was told by my fertility specialist that the chances of me conceiving were very minimal. I am not a candidate for IVF as I have insufficient, and poor quality eggs. In a desperate state, I looked at all possible, natural ways, to increase egg quality, reflexology being one of them. I found Devorah over the internet. At my first session she suggested her Fertility affirmations CD which I purchased through her website. Within a month of seeing her, and listening to her CD on a daily basis, I fell pregnant! The CD helped me to change all my negative thoughts and doubts of every conceiving, into positive healing affirmations. What you believe is what you receive! Thank you Devorah for changing the negative thought patterns and for your continued support, love and healing – Fertility Patient 39 years

For support and self-help tools dealing with infertility, please contact Devorah

I wanted to express my gratitude to you. I suffer from Crohns disease and was in agonizing pain when I came to you with a blockage in my intestine. I have had these blockages before and was hospitalized. I had an operation a few years ago for a blockage and I have been in hospital a few times for the same reason.You gave me reflexology and after the first session I felt relief. After the second treatment I felt much better and eventually the blockage went without me having to go to hospital again. It is a wonderful feeling for me to have found a solution to my health problem and know that if g-d forbid it happens again I can come to you for reflexology instead of going to the hospital. Thank you so much.Crohn’s Patient

” סבלתי במחלת קרוהן והרגשתי כאב אדיר עקב סתימה במעי . עברתי ניתוח לפני כמה שנים ואושפזתי בבית חולים כמה פעמים בעקבות המחלה. לאחרונה החל הכאב שוב. אחרי הטיפול הרפלקסולוגי הראשון הרגשתי הקלה ואחרי הטיפול השני, הרגשתי הרבה “יותר טוב. הסתימה השתחררה ללא אשפוז נוסף בבית החולים

Dear Readers: What Reflexology has done for me. Aged 12

Reflexology has helped me hugely in controlling my body. Before I went to Reflexology I was on a lot of medication which I really didn’t enjoy taking, and now I am on no medication! Before Reflexology I used to battle to fall asleep, I was worried and anxious about so many different things, and all thoughts used to enter my head which made me even more anxious. I was then sent to Reflexology and taught many methods and ways of how to be relaxed, calm and NOT WORRY! For example: I used to think that in my big house, I was the only one awake, while everyone else was sound asleep. Devorah taught me that in such a situation like this I should knock on the wall separating my room from my parents room and then they knock back. – This calms me down a lot! I would really recommend Reflexology to everyone – hoping it helps you as much as it helped me!
Thanks Devorah Kur! – special ADHD Patient

I started Reflexology in my third month of pregnancy. I had developed  eczema on my hands and it was spreading up my arms. My skin was so sensitive that I couldn’t wash dishes or my daughter in the bath, or use any chemicals at all (shampoo, conditioner, cleaning products, acetone…etc). Within weeks I noticed the redness retreating down my arms and then eventually fading from my hands. What a life saver! Reflexology also kept me energized in my pregnancy and kept my feet normal, not like in my previous pregnancy where my swollen feet were like tree trunks.

I have been Devorah Kur’s client for approximately 6 months. It is clear that she is an excellent, knowledgeable Reflexologist who is intuitive, empathetic and spiritual in her approach. I underwent a total hip replacement, and came home with a very swollen leg. A couple of days after Devorah worked on me, the swelling went down entirely. Devorah is also highly skilled in providing emotional support and healing. She has an amazing depth of insight, assisting her clients with sage advice, as well as other techniques, such as visualization and meditation. She listens with an openness of heart and mind. I feel that I would not have healed so quickly from my surgery (without her help) both mentally and emotionally. – Hip replacement patient (EC)

I discovered Devorah and Reflexology on my journey to become pregnant. Over the months that she treated me, my body was restored to a natural balance and my general health improved. But more than that, Devorah’s holistic approach ensured that I built up the mental and spiritual strength to enjoy the experience and keep trying. It is evident that Devorah has a gift for healing people – both physically and emotionally – and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be treated by her.- Secondary Infertility

My reflexology treatments from Devorah Kur whilst having chemotherapy really helped me to keep well and active through the process. Besides the physical benefits, I found that time spent in her calm and tranquil presence was balm for my soul.Colon Cancer Patient

I’ve taken my kids to Devorah to help with their temper tantrums. She has a great way with kids and I’ve loved the chats we’ve had after being with her and hearing all the positive ways she has led them to think about how to deal with being happy, sad, worried and angry.
I’ve seen an improvement in their moods and love the positive energy the kids can now draw upon when they are heading down the temper path. Thanks! – Behavior and moods in kids

I started seeing Devorah in April 2010. My first baby had died the previous October and I was still trying to come to terms with what had happened and was desperate to try for another baby. My periods were very irregular, sometimes having a 70+day cycle. Devorah helped me first to learn to see things positively again in my life and to try and accept what had happened and within 3 or 4 months my periods were more regular with approximately a 30 day cycle. She encouraged me to look after myself and to get my mind and body ready to become pregnant. By the September I fell pregnant and was overjoyed. I miscarried very early and again Devorah’s caring and experience helped me through the pain and to learn to deal with what had happened and to accept it before I could move on . I had both reflexology and some Reiki treatment. I also attended one of Devorah’s workshops which really made me question areas of my life and was a really enjoyable experience, especially meeting others who were dealing with all sorts of things in their lives too. 10 months later and I am due to go into hospital tomorrow to have my baby. Devorah has helped me remain positive throughout the pregnancy, to trust myself and my body and to connect with the new life inside me.

I really enjoy our sessions and look forward to the treatment as well as our chats. I couldn’t have gotten this far without Devorahs experience, understanding, enthusiasm and caring, and I could listen to her uplifting stories all day. –VB, beautiful healthy baby daughter born!!!

For support and self-help tools dealing with infertility, please contact Devorah

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My name is Shalvie and I am 21 years old. have been suffering from chronic migraines since I was 13 years old. I have been on countless medications and diets. The one thing that has truly helped my migraines – be it the pain, nausea, aura etc… is Reflexology. Within an hour of therapy, I am migraine free!Migraine Sufferer

When I first came to see Devorah, I was desperate. My faith and hopes in falling pregnant shattered following years of trying to no avail, and an in vitro attempt that failed. Within 3 months Devorah managed to do what no specialist could. Not only did she restore my body physically, she restored my faith that I could fall pregnant I just needed to believe it. She taught me how to heal my body and to love my body again and with this came inner peace. No sooner did I have inner peace, the greatest gift of all arrived- my little girl. Devorah means so much to me. She healed me physically and spiritually and I am so grateful to her for that. She saw me throughout my pregnancy and as a result it was an easy and stress free journey. My weekly sessions with Devorah are my saving grace- I looked forward to each session. I will continue to see her for as long as I can as I truly believe that with her experience and caring nature I am in the best hands possible.Thanks so much Devorah- words can’t explain how grateful I am.Infertility Patient

Devorah has treated my 5 year old daughter for reflux, using reflexology. I found that my daughter responded well to the treatment. Devorah worked very well, with her and was able to build up treatment to half an hour and she distracted her well, when needed. I found that the treatment helped her with her reflux and an added bonus was that she slept better at night.Child with reflux

I have been a patient of Devorah’s for many years now. I have found her to be an extremely caring and professional reflexologist and healer. She has a vast knowledge of her subject, and continues to further her knowledge and learn new things all the time. I feel my weekly sessions with her have enhanced my health and well being,, and have helped me to cope with my menopause very effectively. I highly recommend Devorah as a reflexologist and counselor in the field of health. Menopausal patient

DK_TEST_01Thank you for the amazing role you played in the lead up to the birth of our daughter. You will never know how much you helped me. You were the most strong and available shoulder to lean on and cry on, and for that I am truly grateful. You are a master in your field and your knowledge got me through a time I didn’t think had an end, and look where we are now!Polycystic Ovaries – fertility patient

For support and self-help tools dealing with infertility, please contact Devorah for your CD

My daughter had a problem with bed-wetting. We went to Devorah for reflexology for a few months, and it really helped with the problem. We had tried other things before, and the other alternative was going to be long-term medication, which we were really not keen on getting started on. Thanks to reflexology (and reflexologist) she can now even sleep over at her friends’ houses! Thanks so muchBedwetting Problem

I have been a patient of Devorah Kur for the past 15 months. I have lung cancer with spread to lymph nodes and more recently was found to have spread to the lining of my brain.I really love my sessions with Devorah. I find her to be extremely knowledgeable. She always has a book on what I am talking about or has done a course or has been to a talk. She is extremely positive, calm and one always feels calm in her presence. When she is doing reflexology on me I often feel a little shooting pain somewhere in my body and always ask her where she is working and it has always been in the area on which she is working.This is proof enough for me. She is also extremely knowledgeable as far as diet is concerned.Lung Cancer Patient

Devorah has been doing reflexology on me since before I conceived. I arrived at her while having fertility problems after 2 miscarriages. Devorah has not only helped me physically, but emotionally too. After each treatment, she ensured I left feeling positive, calm and excited. Her positive energy and caring nature is what has made this whole experience worth while. Devorah was always the first person I would phone when getting a result or after a scan. She has been an integral part of my life throughout my pregnancy, and a pillar of strength. The treatments have made me feel relaxed, rejuvenated and calm about my situation. Before I conceived, I thought I never would, and Devorah changed my attitude and assisted in getting my body perfect for the pregnancy. While I was pregnant, I had a constant fear that I would miscarry. Devorah has encouraged me to feel different and worked. It has been a fantastic experience. – Miscarriage and fertility patient

DK02I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in my left breast in December 2009. I underwent a mastectomy in January 2010 and had chemotherapy from March to August 2010. I have been going to Devorah Kur for reflexology since April 2010, on a weekly basis.

Devorah is very knowledgeable and highly competent as regards reflexology. She works with confidence and a spiritual approach underlies her physical treatment.

She took a case history and keeps records of each session which indicates her accountability to me as a client. She is punctual and reliable.

She works thoroughly and intently on all areas of the feet and hands, especially those requiring extra input. After each session I feel invigorated and energized and definitely less stressed. My hands and feet feel less tense after she works on them ,but over and above her professionalism and skill in reflexology is her overall approach to me as a whole being requiring healing. She introduced me to affirmations and encouraged me to continue to use visualizations to aid my recovery. She helped me get in touch with deep emotions and gives me support and positive feedback whenever it is needed. She gives excellent advice on nutrition and general well being.

One of the most important aspects of my interactions with her, is that she is able to identify my inner feelings and never pushed me to extend myself beyond what I was able to cope with emotionally, especially since I was often physically exhausted.

There is always a warm, calming atmosphere during the treatments and the pervading atmosphere is one of acceptance and the feeling that we are in the healing process together. I have definitely benefited from my sessions with her, on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. – Breast Cancer Patient

“רפלקסולוגיה מסייעת לגוף במהלך טיפולי כימוטרפיה.
“אני כבר כמה חודשים מטופלת על ידי דבורה. היא מגיע אלי הביתה. וממש עוזרת. אני לא הייתי עוברת את הטיפולים בילעדיה

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I have been fortunate enough to have reflexology with Devorah for my many ailments. She is a very pleasant and calming person to be around and her passion and energy for reflexology is to be admired. She is gentle soul full of compassion, understanding and kindness. She goes the extra mile to instil confidence in me and has helped with my ongoing ailments.Elderly patient with Urinary Incontinence, Tinnitus and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

I was fortunate to have been referred to Devorah by a friend in the second trimester of my fourth pregnancy. I have a history of low birth weight babies and generally difficult pregnancies , so I began consulting Devorah for weekly reflexology sessions (and continued to do so until 5 months post birth.) I believe that the reflexology assisted me in giving birth to my first baby over 2,5kg. I also attribute my success with breastfeeding this time round to Devorah’s treatments. Devorah has a gentle, professional manner . Coming from a medical background, I found Devorah to have a large knowledge base and a great understanding of the connection between mind and body. Her holistic approach allows her to be both accurate and intuitive. I can with confidence highly recommend her to assist many more patients in their quest for better health.  Dr Mom – difficult pregnancy and establishing breastfeeding

“יש לי עבר של תינוקות במשקל לידה נמוך והריונות קשים. בזכות רפלקסולוגיה, ילדתי בן ראשון במשקל של יותר מ2.5 קילו. רפלקסולוגיה גם עזרה בהצלחה בהנקה.”
“רפלקסולוגיה עזרה לי להכנס להריון באופן טבעי כשהפריה חוץ גופית לא הצליח להניב תוצאו

Testimonials from Workshops

I benefited from the workshop by starting to think about useful concepts to deal with feelings and emotions I have that were unexpressed for many years. I benefited from the learning and dialogues. – TS

My overall being was positively changed. I have an improved outlook. I feel life is more manageable and situations less stressful. – MF

I benefited by being able to go deeper into myself and see who I am, to change my ways, actions and thoughts and to be able to forgive and forget. I feel it helped me and I’m sad that it’s over. – CT

I have moved to a feeling of upliftment and will try to move forward with high energy levels and will leave the past behind. I want to verbalize my feelings in a positive manner, to create feelings of happiness, joy and gratitude. At this point I feel I have achieved optimum results and look at things/life in a more positive perspective. I really loved the course! – AE

The workshop taught me to be more positive, to think before I bad mouth people and to function from high energy levels. I enjoyed the meditations and to let myself go to another place. This workshop was very inspiring and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I go out more than I could have without doing this workshop. Thanks! – RN

See Workshop page to read more testimonials

Women’s Learning Week Program in Cape Town South Africa

“Thank you for making our Women’s learning week 2009 a great success. It is due to the participation of inspired speakers such as yourself, that the program is attractive to so many women. I’m sure your words of wisdom to the ladies will stimulate much spiritual growth. Your passion for healthy mind and body is so uplifting! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. May you always have strength and inspiration to continue the remarkable work that you do”Cape Town Women’s Learning Week

Corporate Networking Event – ORT JET Johannesburg South Africa

“I found Devorah’s presentation extremely interesting, and she captured her audience. Devorah added a different mix of content that kept the audience captured. She came across as real and on the level of the audience, so they could relate to her. I feel that she inspired the audience and motivated them within their businesses. She discussed networking with them and after her talk they all followed her suggestions and started networking straight away! Her talk had an effect on my thinking, moving me into a different space. It was very meaningful and the audience identified with her. I really appreciated Devorah coming to speak at my networking event. She discussed her experience with ORT JET and made it real for the audience. She was very practical by setting small goals for the audience to take on and this was realistic and motivating for all that attended. I would absolutely recommend Devorah.” Cindy Silberg ORT JET Operations Manager

Motivational talk on FORGIVENESS for T.E.A.M

“TEAM (Together English-Speakers Achieve More) in Rehovot was delighted to host Devorah Kur for the October 19, 2015 program, “Forgiveness and Healing.” This is the second time we have been so fortunate as to have Devorah as our speaker. In her warm, upbeat manner, Devorah encouraged the audience to view obstacles in their life as challenges which enable us to grow. With examples from her life and her practice, Devorah explained how carrying the burden of resentment, rather than being empowering, can be harmful to us, with physical effects, and was not productive to resolving painful situations, while forgiveness can be a release of negative feelings. She engaged the audience, respectful of the harm and abuse one may have suffered, clarifying that forgiveness was not condoning an action and might be better termed as “”letting go.” After her talk, the audience members had stimulating responses, asking about such topics as self-forgiveness, and carrying a burden of fear from previous incidents, sharing their own tales of being challenged to forgive.

We received positive responses to this thoughtful topic, delivered by a speaker who is so passionate about helping people. We recommend Devorah Kur as a speaker and would look forward to having her present to TEAM again!

Another testimonial from T.E.A.M

Last week Devorah gave a lecture at T.E.A.M. (Together English speakers Achieve More) a social and cultural group for Anglo Saxons age 50+ in Rehovot. She spoke on Foregivness and Healing. It’s 

a week later we are still talking about her message. Devorah made a lasting impression on all of us. There were those who were a little skeptical about such a “spiritual” talk at first. Afterwards
they admitted to being inspired by what Devorah said and how she said it. I recommend that everyone take the time out to hear such an enlightening talk. It could change your life.”
Marlene Hemed T.E.A.M organiser

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