COUNSELING / TREATMENTS in the Sharon area and Jerusalem, Israel. NOW ONLINE too!

Therapeutic Reflexology:

Can Reflexology have an affect on your ailment or disease?

Reflexology, opened now in Jerusalem, Raanana and Netanya Israel is an ancient science and therapy that deals with the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands, ears and body wherein all body structures are mirrored.  The reflexes are stimulated by using our thumbs and fingers.  It is a non-invasive therapy which helps the body to maintain physiological balance and health, working towards normalization of function.  Some of the benefits that can be expected are: reduction of stress, changes in the body’s physiology which stimulates the defense mechanism in the body and the healing potential.  Reflexology is beneficial to all ages, from a baby with colic, to a person with arthritis.  It also deals with different types of diagnoses, for example cancer, infertility and menopausal patients.

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Logotherapy Counseling – Ask “What now?” instead of “Why me?”: ONLINE SESSIONS AVAILABLE

logotherapy-thumbDr. Viktor Frankl, survivor of the Holocaust, founder of LOGOTHERAPY and Author of “Mans search for meaning” says, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” In Latin, LOGOS means meaning so LOGOTHERAPY is meaning centered therapy.
What do you do when life presents with challenges?
What kind of questions do you ask yourself?
What type of action do you take to overcome the difficulties?
Who are you in the face of suffering?
LOGOTHERAPY can help you answer these questions.

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Bereavement Counseling:



At some point in our lives we will experience loss. The reaction that we have to loss (of any type) is GRIEF.

BEREAVEMENT is a form of GRIEF regarding the death of a loved one. As a response to the loss, we may experience a wide range of feelings which are all part of the process, for example; anger, abandonment, deep sadness, loneliness or guilt. Bereavement counseling helps you adapt to your significant loss in a caring way, so that you can learn to live without that person in your life. It’s important to know that everyone’s response is different.

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Mental Imagery:


mental imageryMental imagery is a powerful tool that can be used to transform aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and  spiritual life. Trained at American Institute for Mental Imagery (AIMI) with Dr Gerald Epstein, I have come to learn a comprehensive model of healing that can be shared with people who want to be active participants in their own healing journey. “Nobody can be an authority over your own experience.” Says Dr Jerry. This method is empowering and will help put you in the drivers seat with your healing experience.

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My vision is to inspire YOU to grow and heal from within, enabling you to live an enriched and healthy life.