Mental Imagery for Healing & Emotional first aid

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Mental Imagery for Healing:

Mental imagery is a powerful tool that can be used to transform aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. Trained at American Institute for Mental Imagery (AIMI) with with Dr Gerald Epstein, I have come to learn a comprehensive model of healing that can be shared with people who want to be active participants in their own healing journey. “Nobody can be an authority over your own experience.” Says Dr Jerry. This method is empowering and will help put you in the drivers seat with your healing journey.

This approach goes deeper than Mindfulness or meditation as it has the ability to make physiological changes. During the session we will determine the area in your life that needs attention and we begin with a specific breathing technique that quietens the rational mind and stimulates the imagination. From here we incorporate imagery tailor made for you that deals with your conflict or pain. We then move to healing visualizations where we have a resolution of the conflict and finally experience a triumph. Successfully uses with anxiety, panic attacks, physical ailments/symptoms, emotional and physical pain.

This process is deeply integrative of mind, body and soul. I am passionate about partnering with you on your move towards well-being. These exercises are not one-offs. They are given to you to repeat daily, empowering you to be the active participant towards your well-being.

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Somatic Experiencing – Emotional first aid for trauma

Dr Peter Levine, founder of Somatic Experiencing says,


“Trauma is a fact of life, it

 does NOT however have to be a life sentence.”

The techniques of Somatic experiencing helps someone who is “stuck” in the fight, flight or freeze response. It helps to resolve trauma symptoms and relieve chronic stress. The Somatic Institute describes it as, “It resets the nervous system, restores inner balance, enhances resilience to stress, and increases people’s vitality, equanimity and capacity to actively engage in life.”


Devorah is a calm, reassuring voice in this hectic world. She has helped me overcome emotional pain, through healing imagery, helping me to feel empowered in my recovery. Thank you Devorah for all you do!

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