MENTAL IMAGERY – New self-help trends with Infertility

MENTAL IMAGERY – New self-help trends with Infertility

The fertility journey is emotionally draining and frustrating, and patients report feeling powerless during waiting phases, desperate, depressed and helpless.Fertility_CD
By introducing MENTAL IMAGERY into infertility treatments, Devorah has found that patients are able to have a shift in their stress levels, as well as a greater shift towards being hopeful with a more positive outlook. Not only that, using MENTAL IMAGERY can boost and improve hormone levels connected with conception, It can also help open blocked Fallopian tubes as well as maxamize follicle growth, boost ovulation, increase circulation and blood flow to the uterus.

People say, “Just relax and it will happen” or “Don’t be so stressed” or “Just give it some time”
You have tried relaxing and not stressing, but it is with you all the time, consuming you! You don’t know how! MENTAL IMAGERY will help switch off your mind and all the doubtful and negative chatter. Once in this space, your mind will be relaxed and open to suggestion. This is where Devorah introduces powerful healing positive IMAGERY concerning fertility. The benefit of hearing these suggestions can produce physiological changes in the patient.

Empowering the patient with IMAGERY tools to be proactive in her own fertility functioning is one of the key elements to seeing changes.

“When my dreaded period arrives each month, it comes with disappointment, disbelief and resentment. MENTAL IMAGERY sessions have helped me see my body as healed leaving me hopeful for conception. It has also helped shift me out of negative thought patterns and have put me into a new hopeful cycle. I also feel more relaxed and less stressed afterwards, which is a huge change for me.”

Combined with the IMAGERY SESSION, Devorah has created a CD of positive fertility affirmations CLICK HERE to download and start empowering yourself on your journey to motherhood.
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