Tragedy in Meron – coping with external grief


A response to tragedy and grief.I feel like I need to share some of my thoughts after this devastating tragedy that occurred on Lag B’Omer on Thursday night. First, a little history about why Lag B’Omer is a holiday for the Jewish people, and not just a holiday, but a spiritual, mystical holiday that is […]

Reflexology helps with Multiple Sclerosis

Are you suffering from/with Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory autoimmune disorder that effects the central nervous system. If you have found your way to this Blog then I am sure you are well aware of your condition. The important part is how you manage with the symptoms and side effects? There are […]

Life lessons after a near death experience

Hi there Its been a hard two weeks for me as my brother in law passed away after 2 years courageously fighting cancer. I have learned many lessons from him about how he LIVED with cancer instead of DYING from it. The pain is so deep because the love was so great. Its hard to […]