Do you LIKE yourself?

Wherever you go, there you are!

Do you like yourself? Are you the last person you want to spend time with? Do you even know how to be with yourself and enjoy who you are? If you were given the gift of 3 solitary hours to spend by yourself, would you welcome it or dread it?Often we are so caught up in life around us, cooking, cleaning, carpooling, washing, working and the list goes on, that we lose ourselves. There is so much to get through, to achieve, and to accomplish. In doing “life” we sometimes overlook ourselves.

Imagine interviewing someone to come and look after your kids who writes on her CV that she is grumpy, gets ratty when she is hungry, doesn’t have time in the day to eat, thinks she is a fat slob, can never find her keys or her cellphone, constantly calls herself ‘idiot!’, hates her hair, thighs, nose and who knows what else. Would you hire her? Are you wondering where she left her broomstick?

ARE YOU HER? This is a big and deep question.

I am inviting you to spend some time with yourself. And to enjoy it. We are quick to praise others, to forgive others, to see the positive sides of others, but not ourselves. So how do we make a change? This will only take a few minutes at the start of your day.

Start by being still. Stop what you are doing. Take a few minutes to yourself right now and be silent. A voice will come into your head to tell you that you have no time for this nonsense. Tell the voice to go away! Take a deep breath in, and let it out. Let your awareness gently go inwards. Breathe deeply….. Find 5 things about yourself that you like or are proud about and reinforce them….. Give yourself a compliment…. Think about your most special quality that you have…. Come up with 5 things that you are grateful for…. Take a deep breath in and slowly open your eyes.
You will start to feel differently about yourself. Practice this ‘going inward and being kind to yourself’ whenever you can. It is the small acts of kindness that we do or give to ourselves that eventually change who we are. And then one day you can look in the mirror and say, “I like myself, I want to spend the day (my life) with you.”

Too often I treat people who are self-loathing, who don’t give themselves the time of day, until eventually they can’t cope and come to replenish. Are you battling to find meaning in your life? Don’t wait for this to happen to you. When you feel replenished , you will like who you are and so will the people around you.

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