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Life lessons after a near death experience

Hi there

Its been a hard two weeks for me as my brother in law passed away after 2 years courageously fighting cancer. I have learned many lessons from him about how he LIVED with cancer instead of DYING from it. The pain is so deep because the love was so great. Its hard to imagine where he is now. I have chosen this picture as a place of absolute peace and healing to share with you today.

Just before he died someone gave me a book called ‘Dying to be me’ by Anita Moorjani. In this book she recounts her struggle with cancer and her near death experience, which resulted in her coming back and healing. In her description of how she felt when she ‘died’ she speaks about a tremendous peace and incredible love that she felt in that ‘space.’ This brought huge comfort to me to know the pain that is left behind is ours, but his suffering is no more.

Life lessons after a near death experience

In this Ted talk Anita shares her experience as well as giving over 5 powerful lessons that she learned from the experience. This week I would like to share these lessons with you. click here (18 minutes long)

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