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Monday Inspiration #4 CONTEMPLATE

Monday Inspiration newsletter #4

Today I came across the most profound quote I have ever seen. It stopped me in my tracks and has been playing on my mind the whole day. So, I wanted to share it with you and would love to hear how it plays on your mind.

[box] “It’s funny because we ask G-d to change our situation, not knowing that He put us in the situation to change us”[/box]

And here is my picture to go with this thought.

Contemplate it.

What is change all about? What are we meant to be doing with the difficulties in our lives? This is what Logotherapy is all about. I love this picture because the bridge looks broken. Often we wonder how we will make transitions to the other side. The answers and inner strengths are deep within us all. Spend a few minutes contemplating this today. I hope it empowers you to find your way across the bridge.


I hope you enjoy today’s inspiration.

bridge contemplate logotherapy

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Wishing you a beautiful, warm, inspired day.

Devorah Smile

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