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Devorah has inspired groups internationally throughout South Africa, New York and in Israel. She motivates groups large or small and her talks are perfect for Team building, special events like Wellness Days, Women’s/Secretaries Day and general motivation. Her experience in different areas of alternative health have led her to inspire others to begin their healing journeys.

She teaches a Monthly inspirational Rosh Chodesh class and a weekly Torah Class at Matan entitled “Life lesson Journey through the Jewish Calendar” where she draws on the essence of the Jewish month and holidays and offers life lessons and self-improvement.

Topics for Motivational Talks

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1 –Work deadline AND your son’s football game – how to balance them both

This talk covers aspects of dealing with stresses and the importance of managing our different roles in life. There are inspiration and new ideas about connecting and listening to our bodies which help us find this balance. Today companies are encouraging wholeness within their staff members. A thriving employee is not just one who gets his/her work done, because stresses from outside the office tend to come into the office.

2 – Boosting Productivity through Wellness.

This talk is about understanding a broader idea of wellness. Wellness encompasses many other aspects of our life as well such as emotional, spiritual, financial, family and workplace wellness. Wellness is actually an overall state of well-being where balance is achieved between the body, mind and spirit. We will do a powerful exercise on the effects of negativity within an environment. This exercise is an eye-opening exercise on how we weaken our immune systems when we are surrounded by negativity. The purpose of the talk is to create change within the individual who is coming to work which will have a ripple effect on the teams that are working together.

3 – What is your body telling you about your life story?

Come and explore the connections between the mind and the body. As a practitioner in different areas of alternative health, I’m passionate about the body’s innate ability to heal itself. I expresses this through my work with Therapeutic Reflexology and Logotherapy. I am fascinated by the role that the thoughts we think and our attitudes in life have on our lives and our bodies. Through this talk you will get a taste of how our symptoms, illnesses or diseases are connected to our life, and to understand deeper meaning behind them. All this allows us to live more fulfilled and enriched lives. I also do an exciting interactive exercise with the participants which is fun and mind blowing as to the effects of negativity that we often carry around in our heads.

4 – Logotherapy – 3 secrets to transform your struggles

Every day we have opportunities to find meaning in whatever is going on in our lives despite whether they are good or bad. Logotherapy encourages and guides people to find this meaning and to do something to make that potential for meaning real. Logotherapy doesn’t ask “why” things happen, but helps and encourages one to find answers to “what now”. Dr. Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) author of Man’s Search for Meaning , a psychiatrist and neurologist who lived in Vienna both before and after WWII has helped millions of people through his teachings to overcome lifes difficulties. You are invited to explore some of these stories and lessons, and become inspired.

5 –3 steps to HAPPINESS even if you face adversity

People are always searching out there for happiness, hoping that, “I’ll be happy when I have…” will change everything for them. In this talk we will dispel some myths about happiness and explore what real happiness is and how to attain it. We will also discover the effects of happiness on your overall health and well-being.

6 – FORGIVENESS – How to set yourself free

FORGIVENESS is the key to letting go of the past and allowing HEALING in. But, what does it mean to forgive? Does that mean I am wrong and they were right? Come and explore the truth about what FORGIVENESS really is. We will look at 5 reasons why it’s so hard to forgive, and discover the benefits and freedom that forgiveness will bring into your life.

Some Companies that Devorah has presented at are:

I presented a paper “Logotherapy and Reflexology – When body meets soul” at the international Logotherapy conference in Haifa in 2015. Photo taken with Rona Ramon who also presented.

Logotherapy talk for T.E.A.M

Client Testimonials

Howard Rubenstein from ASSERSON law firm:

“Your presentation was so motivational and perfect for my team.  It touched on so many themes that run through the team – challenge; life choices; Judaism and faith in Hashem; uncertainty.   Your delivery style is authentic and authoritative- but also humble.”

“I found Devorah’s presentation extremely interesting, and she captured her audience. Devorah added a different mix of content that kept the audience captured. She came across as real and on the level of the audience, so they could relate to her. I feel that she inspired the audience and motivated them within their businesses. She discussed networking with them and after her talk they all followed her suggestions and started networking straight away! Her talk had an effect on my thinking, moving me into a different space. It was very meaningful and the audience identified with her.  I really appreciated Devorah coming to speak at my networking event. She discussed her experience with ORT JET and made it real for the audience. She was very practical by setting small goals for the audience to take on and this was realistic and motivating for all that attended. I would absolutely recommend Devorah.”

Cindy Silberg, Operations Manager ORT JET
Dr Avron Urison, Business enrichment development at ORT JET: 

“Devorah gave a most inspiring and motivating talk at the ORT JET Networking Forum. Professionally done, Devorah used her own business experience and entrepreneurial knowledge to impart powerful messages and key learning points to the audience. I would highly recommend Devorah for corporate and community talks as a unique and wonderful experience for all those who listen.”

“TEAM” (Together English-Speakers Achieve More)

in Rehovot was delighted to host Devorah Kur for the October 19, 2015 program, “Forgiveness and Healing.” This is the second time we have been so fortunate as to have Devorah as our speaker. In her warm, upbeat manner, Devorah encouraged the audience to view obstacles in their life as challenges which enable us to grow. With examples from her life and her practice, Devorah explained how carrying the burden of resentment, rather than being empowering, can be harmful to us, with physical effects, and was not productive to resolving painful situations, while forgiveness can be a release of negative feelings. She engaged the audience, respectful of the harm and abuse one may have suffered, clarifying that forgiveness was not condoning an action and might be better termed as “”letting go.” After her talk, the audience members had stimulating responses, asking about such topics as self-forgiveness, and carrying a burden of fear from previous incidents, sharing their own tales of being challenged to forgive.

We received positive responses to this thoughtful topic, delivered by a speaker who is so passionate about helping people. We recommend Devorah Kur as a speaker and would look forward to having her present to TEAM again!

“Thank you for making our Women’s learning week 2009 a great success. It is due to the participation of inspired speakers such as yourself, that the programme is attractive to so many women. I’m sure your words of wisdom to the ladies will stimulate much spiritual growth. Your passion for a healthy mind and body is so uplifting! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. May you always have strength and inspiration to continue the remarkable work that you do”

Cape Town Women’s Wellness Week
Another testimonial from T.E.A.M

“Last week Devorah gave a lecture at T.E.A.M. (Together English speakers Achieve More) a social and cultural group for Anglo Saxons aged 50+ in Rehovot. She spoke on Forgiveness and Healing. It’s a week later and we are still talking about her message. Devorah made a lasting impression on all of us. There were those who were a little skeptical about such a “spiritual” talk at first. Afterwards they admitted to being inspired by what Devorah said and how she said it. I recommend that everyone take the time out to hear such an enlightening talk. It could change your life.” Marlene Hemed T.E.A.M organiser

“Devorah’s knowledge, warmth, sincerity and belief in what she presented was very apparent, and so it was easy to listen to and learn from her. Her practical advise gave us all food for thought and something we could take home with us and integrate into our lives. Her guided meditation at the end of her talk put us all in a relaxed mood to enjoy the rest of the morning and feel centred and in-the-moment. She definitely added to the morning and complemented our other presenter, who did a demonstration of healing foods, so well. We received very positive feedback from our attendees and I would definitely recommend Devorah for future presentations.” 

WIZO Women’s Health morning

“Devorah’s presentation was informative, inspiring, unique and humorous. It also had a positive effect on ones thinking. The presentation complemented the intent of Women’s day at De Beers.

I would definitely recommend Devorah for your Women’s Day functions or inspirational event” –

De Beers Women’s Day

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