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My frustration with the ‘SUPERMOON’

How I turned my frustration around.

I woke up on Monday morning with a message from Facebook to say that there would be a ‘supermoon’ that evening. This meant that the moon would be the closest in its orbit to the Earth than it has been since 1968. Wow, news like that excites me. They also said that the next time this would occur would be in 2034. I arranged with a friend to climb the ‘rubbish hill’ in Raanana at 8pm so that we could be high up and have the most advantageous view to take photographs. It was all very exciting.

Apparently the moon was going to be extremely large. Being a lover of nature I planned my day to be able to see it. I was in Jerusalem seeing patients in the afternoon and at 5pm I went onto the balcony on the 4th floor of my patient to look for the moon rising. But to my disappointment there was no moon to be seen. “Never-mind,” I thought. “I will get a chance to see it before I leave and as I drive back to Raanana.” From 7pm until 8pm I was on the highway. I could see for 360 degrees around me, but no moon! Major frustration. I was picturing myself at sixty something  trying this again in 2034! All the while driving I was speaking with my friend who said that she could see the moon. Eventually when I got into Raanana at 8pm I saw it! All along it had been there, high up in the sky (above my car!) To make matters worse it was the smallest moon. It was quite a disappointment.
Then I realized that every night there is a new moon in the sky It is constantly changing in size and each night it is a miracle. Not just the supermoon, but every night we have a moon.
Sometimes we lose out on that which is around us and we take for granted the beauty that we have everyday like sunsets and full moons.

Anonymous quote, “A grateful heart is one that finds countless blessings of God in the seemingly mundane everyday life.”

So I looked up at the ‘small’ moon and felt a sense of gratitude for being able to enjoy everything that is around me in the moments that they are there.
Each day we have the ability to appreciate nature around us. We tend to take for granted that the sun will rise everyday. This is not our rite, this is a daily gift that comes our way. See what you can appreciate today , don’t take anything for granted. They call it the ‘present’ because it is a gift!

Here is a wonderful TED talk about a woman without legs who has transformed her life in such a creative way!



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