I qualified in 2006 from the School of Effective Reflexology methods, after two and a half years of intensive studying. Our training included feet, hand, ear and body reflexology, anatomy, physiology and pathology, pharmacology and an introduction to Chinese medicine. I have been a Reflexology lecturer at Camelot international and an external examiner for the fourth year degree qualification at the University of Johannesburg and maintain a private reflexology wellness clinic. 
What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient science and therapy where reflex points in the feet, hands, ears and body mirror all the body structures. These reflex points get stimulated during the session to bring about positive change in the body. It helps the body achieve physiological balance and health, working towards normalization of function.

Reflexology is a non-invasive ancient science and therapy where reflex points in the feet, hands, ears and body mirror all the body structures. These reflex points get stimulated during the session to bring about positive change in the body. 

Who can benefit from reflexology?

Reflexology is beneficial to all ages, and supports different types of diagnoses including vertigo, cancer, infertility, fibromyalgia and pain, anxiety, diabetes, digestive disorders/problems and migraines. Reflexology also aids in positive outcomes with pre and post surgery. Each session is tailor made to the specific symptoms, ailments or diseases that the patient presents with.

The length of treatments vary from 30 minutes for older kids to 45 minutes for adults. It is important to me that the treatment room provides a tranquil and serene environment which helps the patient relax, and this is often the starting point to healing, so I welcome you to step into my healing space.

What are the expected outcomes?

There are no contraindications to Reflexology. Reflexology helps the body achieve physiological balance and health, working towards normalization of function.

Some of the benefits that can be expected are: reduction of stress, stimulation of the immune system, better quality sleep, decrease in pain and improvement of hormonal and digestive functions.

After a treatment

Reflexology aims to balance the body systems so that they are synchronized and work in harmony, resulting in a feeling of well being and vitality. My goal through reflexology is to help bring about normal body function, reduce your symptoms and promote a feeling of well-being, while encouraging your body to perform at its optimum.

My goal through reflexology

My main emphasis through treatments is to promote healing and improvement within, encouraging you to be in control of your illnesses, symptoms and diseases, and to understand deeper meaning behind them. It is my privilege to support you on your journey to wellbeing and I look forward to working with you.

Client Testimonials

Breast cancer patient
Racheli from Jerusalem –

I just want to tell you what helped me from the time of my mastectomy surgery and chemotherapy. For the past 8 months I have been having REFLEXOLOGY with Devorah Kur once a week. I know that’s what strengthened me. Not even one nail fell off while I was having Taxol. I have an appetite during treatment (well this is not always the best. Now I have 10 pounds to lose.)

I did not get sores in the mouth and the tingling in my hands and feet were very mild. And during AC nausea was reduced after each session. And my blood counts were always normal.

Devorah also taught me a lot about the right approach to my illness and how to think and be empowered in my illness, and to send messages to my body to overcome and strengthen the immune system.

Eczema in pregnancy – 

I started Reflexology in my third month of pregnancy. I had developed  eczema on my hands and it was spreading up my arms.

My skin was so sensitive that I couldn’t wash dishes or my daughter in the bath, or use any chemicals at all (shampoo, conditioner, cleaning products, acetone…etc). Within weeks I noticed the redness retreating down my arms and then eventually fading from my hands. What a life saver!

Reflexology also kept me energized in my pregnancy and kept my feet normal, not like in my previous pregnancy where my swollen feet were like tree trunks.

Dr Mom – high risk pregnancy and successful breastfeeding

I was fortunate to have been referred to Devorah by a friend in the second trimester of my fourth pregnancy. I have a history of low birth weight babies and generally difficult pregnancies , so I began consulting Devorah for weekly reflexology sessions (and continued to do so until 5 months post birth.)

I believe that the reflexology assisted me in giving birth to my first baby over 2,5kg. I also attribute my success with breastfeeding this time round to Devorah’s treatments.

Devorah has a gentle, professional manner . Coming from a medical background, I found Devorah to have a large knowledge base and a great understanding of the connection between mind and body. Her holistic approach allows her to be both accurate and intuitive. I can with confidence highly recommend her to assist many more patients in their quest for better health.  

Vertigo patient –

I had been suffering with vertigo and was at my wits end when someone suggested reflexology. I had tried physiotherapy which was helping,  but it is a very aggressive and unpleasant treatment. 

My surroundings were constantly spinning and the slightest turn of my head made me feel unstable.  I contacted Devorah Kur and after just one Reflexology treatment, I already felt like I could cope with life again.

She treated me a few more times until I was symptom-free. I highly recommend Devorah and reflexology for anyone suffering from vertigo.

Secondary infertility patient – 

I discovered Devorah and Reflexology on my journey to become pregnant. Over the months that she treated me, my body was restored to a natural balance and my general health improved.

But more than that, Devorah’s holistic approach ensured that I built up the mental and spiritual strength to enjoy the experience and keep trying.

It is evident that Devorah has a gift for healing people – both physically and emotionally – and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be treated by her.

Hip replacement patient –

I have been Devorah Kur’s client for approximately 6 months. It is clear that she is an excellent, knowledgeable Reflexologist who is intuitive, empathetic and spiritual in her approach. I underwent a total hip replacement, and came home with a very swollen leg.

A couple of days after Devorah worked on me, the swelling went down entirely. Devorah is also highly skilled in providing emotional support and healing. She has an amazing depth of insight, assisting her clients with sage advice, as well as other techniques, such as visualization and meditation.

She listens with an openness of heart and mind. I feel that I would not have healed so quickly from my surgery (without her help) both mentally and emotionally. 

Migraine Sufferer –

My name is Shalvie and I am 21 years old. have been suffering from chronic migraines since I was 13 years old. I have been on countless medications and diets. The one thing that has truly helped my migraines – be it the pain, nausea, aura etc… is Reflexology. Within an hour of therapy, I am migraine free! 

Crohn’s disease patient –

I wanted to express my gratitude to you. I suffer from Crohn’s disease and was in agonizing pain when I came to you with a blockage in my intestine. I have had these blockages before and was hospitalized.

I had an operation a few years ago for a blockage and I have been in hospital a few times for the same reason. You gave me reflexology and after the first session I felt relief.

After the second treatment I felt much better and eventually the blockage went without me having to go to hospital again.

It is a wonderful feeling for me to have found a solution to my health problem and know that if g-d forbid it happens again I can come to you for reflexology instead of going to the hospital. Thank you so much. 

Bedwetting Problem

My daughter had a problem with bed-wetting. We went to Devorah for reflexology for a few months, and it really helped with the problem. We had tried other things before, and the other alternative was going to be long-term medication, which we were really not keen on getting started on.

Thanks to reflexology (and reflexologist) she can now even sleep over at her friends’ houses! Thanks so much

Infertility Patient –

When I first came to see Devorah, I was desperate. My faith and hopes in falling pregnant shattered following years of trying to no avail, and an in vitro attempt that failed.

Within 3 months Devorah managed to do what no specialist could. Not only did she restore my body physically, she restored my faith that I could fall pregnant. I just needed to believe it. 

She taught me how to heal my body and to love my body again and with this came inner peace. No sooner did I have inner peace, the greatest gift of all arrived- my little girl.

Devorah means so much to me. She healed me physically and spiritually and I am so grateful to her for that. She saw me throughout my pregnancy and as a result it was an easy and stress free journey. My weekly sessions with Devorah are my saving grace- I looked forward to each session.

I will continue to see her for as long as I can as I truly believe that with her experience and caring nature I am in the best hands possible.Thanks so much Devorah- words can’t explain how grateful I am.

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