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Sunday Inspiration #3 INTROSPECTION

The power of Introspection.

I recently took a flight that left half an hour before sunset. I had been very rushed in getting to the airport and was feeling a little anxious about the nature of my journey.

After missing my first train to the airport, I sat nervously for half an hour waiting for the second train to arrive . I had literally arrived at the platform as the doors were closing. The scene reminded me of the fascinating movie ‘sliding doors’ which shows the parallel story of a woman who missed her train while showing what happens to her if she would have caught the train.

Eventually I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to catch my breath.

Sitting in the window seat on the plane, I was blessed with the most exquisite sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. This gave me the opportunity for introspection. It lasted over an hour. I felt the stress of the day and the trip melting away as I drank in the beauty of the sun plummeting into cotton wool clouds and shimmering off the mirror like sea. Each moment offered a new magnificent scene as day slowly turned to night. The message that I want to leave you with today is short and powerful. I felt so at peace that life will unfold exactly as it is supposed to and it is up to me to choose my responses to life. It is always up to us to choose. I’m not saying that this is simple, I’m saying that with a bit of introspection we can be empowered to cope with whatever we are dealing with.

sunset inspiration logotherapy

Hello Logotherapy! A real special moment for me.

I invite you to connect with nature when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. We do have choices in our responses to life if we take the time ground ourselves and reconnect.

[box] “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ― Maya Angelou[/box]

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Wishing you a beautiful, warm, inspired day.

Devorah Smile



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