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Take the Long but Short Route in Life

long but short route choiceHere is a lesson I learned from my husband.

In life, take the long but short route.

This is the story behind it. Many years ago we were going out with our young family on a Friday night for dinner. We were walking to their house and we came to a corner where we needed to turn right. The owners of the house had planted a whole garden on the land next to the pavement (sidewalk for my American friends.) This area was not private property and the owners of the house had just made the space outside their house look pretty. We had a choice to walk all the way around the corner or to take the short cut through the beautifully planted garden (which was only going to save us about 2 minutes of walking if that). I said we should go through the garden and Ian (husband) suggested we take the way we knew. Being a little pushy, we went my way. Pretty garden…half way through…. Automatic sprinkler system goes off while we were walking through…. We all got wet. Ian then enjoyed telling me the message that the Rabbi had told him on the day of his Barmitzvah. [box] Sometimes in life it is better to take the long but short route instead of the short but LONG route.[/box]
I had not thought about this story for a long time until this week when it came up in a conversation with my daughter. Yes, I was wrong and being pushy got us all wet. The truth is that sometimes it is safest to follow our gut instincts (mine were wrong that night, Ian’s were right) and go with what we know, even if it takes us a little longer to get it done. Life is not about living on the edge, looking constantly for new tests. Life is about overcoming that which comes our way in the best way possible. Logotherapy empowers people to find meaning in their lives despite the challenges.

Logotherapy is a positive healing approach which encourages the understanding that every person’s life has purpose, MEANING and direction.
Dr. Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) author of Man’s Search for Meaning , a psychiatrist and neurologist who lived in Vienna both before and after WWII was the founder of Logotherapy. Frankl’s work before, and then during the Holocaust as an inmate in the concentration camps was to help people find meaning in their lives, despite circumstances. Frankl quotes Nietzsche who said: “He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW.”

Feel free to email me for this weeks specials…Nourishing and Nurturing yourself is the biggest gift that you can give everyone around you.
Wishing you a beautiful day

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