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The power of kindness / compliments – Logotherapy

kindness Logotherapy

Yesterday I received my advanced certification from the Victor Frankl Logotherapy Institute. This has been a two and a half year process for me with an immigration in the middle!

Every day we have opportunities to find meaning in whatever is going on in our lives despite whether they are good or bad. Logotherapy encourages and guides people to find this meaning and to do something to make that potential for meaning real. Logotherapy doesn’t ask “why” things happen, but helps and encourages one to find answers to “what now”.

How Logotherapy helped me…

Logotherapy has helped me in my own life with the challenges of immigration, life itself and given me the ability to help others to find meaning within their suffering or difficulties. This has been the biggest gift.

The overwhelming response from people all around the world (thanks Facebook!) has taught me what power we have to be able to boost and uplift others with our words. It doesnt take too much of our time, yet the opportunity is available to us daily many times.

Years ago I attended a lecture  on bullying and the speaker was a well dressed woman who was very confident and entertaining. The facts she presented were that we need to hear five compliments to really feel good about ourselves, BUT one insult can break us. She said, “If you tell me I look fat in this outfit, I will never wear it again!”

Words are so powerful!  Let’s start to see the power we have and use our words carefully.

It is no coincidence that our voicebox, where our words are formed, is located between our head and our heart! Choose them carefully and use the good ones generously, you never know whose life you will be uplifting.

Thanks for the kindness, well wishes and support. This prompted me to write this article…. Feel free to share with friends.

DKWellness is all about empowering you to be well in your life. MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Please see my WEBSITE for the treatments I offer and for previous BLOGS

Wishing you a beautiful, warm, kind day.

Devorah Smile

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