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Time for SPRING

spring timeI read some lovely ideas from about stepping into spring that I wanted to share with you.

This week we will be changing the clocks. The days will be getting longer and the long cold nights of winter will be getting shorter and shorter. This has to have an effect on our moods and how we feel in general. For me, winter is a time where I battle to get warm and especially to stay warm. Spring is a time where I feel my whole body melting as the warmth of the sun starts to thaw me out. It even has an effect on my posture where I feel more open and free and not hugging myself all the time to generate some warmth. Of course this idea can be thought of on a deeper level than just the physical. Winter is often thought of as a cold dark time and now that spring is here and we can start to feel that the difficulties are subsiding and we are turning the corner as things start to warm up. This is a time to tap into the warmth and changing season and to feel renewed and a sense of hope for the future. All of a sudden the bare trees are budding with blossoms and there are sweet scents around wherever we turn. Lets take this message of hope and renewal that spring has to offer us and use it to revitalise ourselves as we move forward into this beautiful season.

[box] Robert H. Schuller says,

“Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods.


Be patient.

The storm will pass.

The spring will come.”[/box]

Wishing you a beautiful week filled with spring moments.

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Devorah Smile

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