Trauma Therapy -
Somatic Experiencing (SE) &
Internal Family Systems (IFS)

In 2019 I began studying for my SEP (Somatic Experience Practitioner), trauma therapy certificate in Somatic Experiencing (SE). This has proven to be an excellent tool to accompany both Reflexology and Logotherapy clients. Reflexology being a body based modality and Logotherapy being a meaning based talk therapy. SE takes life’s experiences and challenges deeper into the body and releases them, which aligns so beautifully with my goal of supporting you to wholeness and mindbody wellness. 

In 2023 I deepened my tools by studying levels 1 and 2 of IFS (Internal Family Systems). 

What is trauma therapy – Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Internal Family Systems (IFS)?

Somatic experiencing (SE), is a gentle and healing somatic (body) approach to trauma developed by Dr Peter Levine. The effect is like emotional first aid. It is based on the idea that traumatic events can lead to dysfunction in your nervous system, which can prevent you from fully processing the experience.

These events can result in PTSD, anxiety and physical symptoms which can last for weeks and even years afterwards. Trauma is about the response to the event and not necessarily about the event itself, and each person will respond to circumstances differently. SE’s compassionate approach combines mind and body, and addresses both physical and psychological symptoms like pain, anger, guilt or shame. SE guides your awareness to the physical sensations connected to the trauma and helps you discharge them, allowing you to work through and resolve your painful experience.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based psychotherapy developed by Dr Dick Schwartz, that uses the metaphor of an internal family of parts to help people gain awareness of how different parts of themselves can interact in healthy and unhealthy ways. IFS encourages people to become curious about their different parts, with the goal of helping them gain access to their true Self. One can learn to recognize and care for the different parts, as well as develop compassionate understanding for the origins of their parts. A key principle of IFS is that each part within the person has its own positive intention and is trying to protect the person in some way. By understanding the positive intention of each part, the practitioner and client can work together to help the parts feel heard and understood, and to find more adaptive ways of meeting their needs. IFS has been found to be an effective treatment for a variety of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues. It combines perfectly with Somatic Experiencing to further deepen the healing within. 

Who can benefit from trauma therapy – Somatic Experiencing (SE)?

Traumas may result from various places, like:

  • medical trauma (birth traumas, pre and post surgery fears or complications, previous dental traumas, choking, drowning, anaphylactic , traumas and overwhelm from diagnosis)
  • developmental issues,
  • accidents,
  • falls,
  • abuse or violence,
  • or natural disasters 


SE is beneficial to all ages. Through trauma therapy we don’t change the events of the past, we complete the unfinished responses of the nervous system which brings about a new and healed way of remembering the event. This settles the nervous system allowing for integration and healing. 

My gentle and nurturing approach will help guide you to healing and ease your suffering, which in turn can have a ripple effect on who you are today, and how you cope and thrive in your life.

My goal through trauma therapy

My gentle and nurturing approach will help guide you to healing and ease your suffering, which in turn can have a ripple effect on who you are today, and how you cope and thrive in your life.

Emotional First Aid – 2 minute clip

Client Testimonials

When I got to Devorah, I didn’t even realize I was in medical trauma. I knew I was in a bad medical loop and couldn’t see the way out. Even worse, I couldn’t talk or think about it without bursting into tears.
Devorah helped me get through a frightening treatment experience. With her help, I realized events throughout my life that may have to do with my medical issue and finding the root of the problem simplified answers. With Devorah, I managed to get through such a difficult time in my life.

Devorah taught me to reach inside and access my own deep stores of inner strength and healing. She helped me through the searing challenge of major surgery and supported me as I faced fear and pain, assisting me to emerge more vibrant and strong than before. Her gentle, intuitive approach is incredibly soothing during hard times, and awakens the client to feel their own ability to soothe themselves.
I’ve recommended Devorah to many and I’m so glad I was guided to her at the right time!”


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