Wellness Workshops

Over the years, my talks have developed into in depth workshops. Please contact me about the upcoming workshops which take place on zoom or in person 

Forgiveness Workshop – How to set yourself FREE!

5 hour workshop over 2 sessions.
  • Did you know that FORGIVENESS doesn’t mean that the other person is right and you are wrong?
  • Studies show that letting go provides physical, emotional & spiritual relief.
  • In this workshop you will learn how to let go, the benefits they bring and tools to live peacefully & burden free from the past!

Testimonials from Workshops

“The most powerful part for me was realizing that this is all about me- they don’t care, they are living their lives- and I’m at a forgiveness workshop cause I can’t move on.

Very very powerful.” JP

“Thank you for today. I can’t say I enjoyed it but I definitely learnt from it. In particular the process of practical steps to do. Also the Les Miserable example really resonated for some reason and opened my mind to the feeling of forgiving someone not necessarily worthy. Thank you for your kindness. I think everyone felt very comfortable and able to share painful feelings. Still digesting it all but do feel better and encouraged to start the process.” LF

The Body’s Ability To Heal Itself Workshop

5 hour workshop over 2 sessions.

What’s your body telling you about your life story?

MINDTOOLS for self-healing

  • Learn to make connections between your symptoms and your life!
  • Empower yourself to understand your body  as a powerful healing tool and communicator. Tap into your body’s ability to heal itself. What is your body telling you about your life story?
  • Do you experience headaches, neck or back pain, fatigue, IBS, sinus….and more? Are you tired of not feeling your best?

Through 2 inspiring sessions you will identify and understand the messages that your symptoms are communicating to you, through your body. Learn how to transform these messages (symptoms) which are often our stumbling blocks into stepping stones that will lead you to a healthier and enhanced life.

From the experience gained through my Logotherapy and Reflexology integrative practice, you will learn:

  • How to unpack your symptoms and understand what they are communicating to you.
  • How to take responsibility for your symptoms today, and transform them into lessons that enhance your health, healing and life.
  • To have a clear idea about the connection between the mind & body and how symptoms develop.
  • Understand the power of the brain and the effects of our history, our day-to-day life, our thoughts and attitudes on our bodies.
  • Make positive healthier changes that transform your health and life.

We can’t always be in control of which way the wind will blow,

But we can be in control of how we steer the boat using the wind!

This workshop is available for groups in the mornings or evenings (minimum of 6 people required).
Please contact us to see when the next course is starting.

Night workshops and Corporate workshops run throughout the year

Testimonials from Workshops

I found this workshop really empowering and life-changing. I will definitely apply what I have learnt in my life and my relationships with people around me. I have already experienced positive results on  my health and mental well-being. I am a happier and contented person now! – Michelle from South Africa

The workshop taught me to be more positive, to think before I bad mouth people and to function from high energy levels. I enjoyed the meditations and to let myself go to another place. This workshop was very inspiring and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I go out more than I could have without doing this workshop. Thanks! – RN

I benefited by being able to go deeper into myself and see who I am, to change my ways, actions and thoughts and to be able to forgive and forget. I feel it helped me and I’m sad that it’s over. – CT

I benefited from the workshop by starting to think about useful concepts to deal with feelings and emotions I have that were unexpressed for many years. I benefited from the learning and dialogues. – TS

My overall being was positively changed. I have an improved outlook. I feel life is more manageable and situations less stressful. – MF

I have moved to a feeling of upliftment and will try to move forward with high energy levels and will leave the past behind. I want to verbalise my feelings in a positive manner, to create feelings of happiness, joy and gratitude. At this point I feel I have achieved optimum results and look at things/life in a more positive perspective. I really loved the course! – AE

Devorah, firstly thank you for being so lovely, your energy is awesome and feels good to be around you! What I take from this workshop – is to leave the resentment in the past because all it is is harmful and can only manifest as low energy vibrations which can lower my body’s defenses. I will move forward and change my negative self-talk, and by doing so changing the future (my future) – Candice

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